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Becoming a member

We’re always on the look out for new members and can assure you of a warm welcome. Most of our members are boat owners and we do not have a club boat. If you don’t have a boat come along and have a chat…

Conditions of CWSC membership

Persons of either sex shall be eligible for CWSC membership provided that:

  1. They are reasonably competent swimmers
  2. They, or their parent or guardian if under 18yrs of age, sign an undertaking that they absolve the Club, its Officers, Members and Proprietors from liability for any injury or damage to themselves, or their property from any cause whatsoever including the negligence of the Proprietors, their Servants or Agents whilst engaged in the activities of the Club
  3. They become members of British Water Ski; the only exception to this being when skiing on a temporary/trial basis

Membership Description

  1. Boat Owning
  2. Includes husband and wife, or partners that are co-habiting, and their children under the age of 18 on 1st day of April. Immediate members of the family will be permitted to use the boat owning members boat if they are over the age of 18 years, Ski Boat Driver Award (SBDA) certified, named on the insurance policy and provided they are appropriately paid up members of the Club.

  3. Family
  4. Family includes husband and wife, or partners that are co-habiting, and their children under the age of 18 years on the 1st day of April.

  5. Adult
  6. Adult Includes husband and wife as the case may be, for social membership but only the named individual may ski as member.

  7. Student
  8. Between the ages of 18 & 21 years, as long as they are in full time education.

  9. Junior
  10. Under the age of 18 years – requiring Parent or Guardian consent.

  11. Temporary/Day adult or Junior
  12. All ages (Limited to 3 trial days after which membership to the club is required)

Temporary day skiing membership will be available, however this will be by invitation of boat owners only. Boat owners will be responsible for completion of a day ticket for temporary membership. Guests must sign the day ticket prior to skiing accepting that skiing is undertaken entirely at their own risk and without liability
to both CWSL and CWSC as stated above for “Conditions for CWSC membership”.

Tickets must be obtained in advance, either by post or via club officers. For juniors, a parent or guardian must sign the ticket prior to their child skiing. The
boat owner will have overall responsibility for posting the signed ticket in the post box provided on site. No temporary skier will be permitted on the water without first signing and posting the day ticket. Boat owners failing to ensure temporary members sign the required declaration and post on site may be expelled from the Club. The decision of club officers on this matter will be final.

Membership payment

No person shall be allowed to take part in the activities of CWSC until payment has been made to CWSL and copies of boat insurance documents and proof of BWS membership has been provided. Those wishing to renew memberships for the upcoming season must notify the membership secretary of their wish to rejoin prior to commencing the season. In event of no notification, boat moorings will be offered to those next on the waiting list.

Note: Membership fees are non-refundable and may not be prorated if applying for
membership part way through a season.