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Friendly faces around the club


Simon Oliphant-Hope

Simon was the driving force behind the re-establishment of the club in 2002 and has done more than most to get the club to where it is today.

Secretary & Treasurer

Robin Hughes

Robin has been with the club since he was a teenager and his family epitomises what the club is about. However, he is seen far too rarely on the water these days.

Child Welfare and Development

Richard Wood “Rich”

An almost permanent fixture at the club Rich is also the site manager. He has put in a huge effort recently to get the clubhouse and site to their current state.

Safety Officer

Fraser Oliphant-Hope

Fraser has been coming to the club since he can remember and is now a safety officer, ensuring that we are all careful and responsible when on the lake.

Safety and Social

Sue Hoare

Another long time member Sue is ever present at the lake. Sue works with Frazer to keep us safe and sensible on the water.


The Ivy Lake Belles

Denise, Diane, Dreen and Sue are responsible for making sure we get together at the lake to eat drink and be merry. Most of the time though they are enthusiastic members of the “Lying in the sun” club