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Skiing times

Skiing time is divided into competition skiing when only one boat is allowed on the lake and free skiing when up to 3 boats are allowed on the lake. The purpose of competition skiing is to allow skiers and wake boarders flat water and access to the slalom and jump.

Competition skiing covers four competition disciplines:

  • Slalom (skiing up to six passes per skier)
  • Jump skiing (up to 4 jumps per skier)
  • Trick skiing (up to four passes per skier undertaken at the far side of the lake)
  • Wakeboarding (up to six passes per skier undertaken on the far side of the lake).

Although competition slots are generally utilised by more experienced skiers, it is recognised that all skiers need to stretch themselves and everyone has to learn and grow in their chosen discipline. To cater for this, during busy times (more than 10 people on the list) it is recommended that should a participant fall more than 4 times, they return to the dock before completing all passes to allow the next person on the list to commence their run. This will help reduce waiting times for all those taking part in use of flat water/competition slots.

When partaking in competition practice skiers are requested to place their names on the board provided. If names are entered after the designated time slot commences, participation will only be allowed if time permits. Mutual agreement must be made between remaining skiers; if required club officer will make final decision.

Note: Skiing Times must be adhered to at all times, however if no more than 3 boat owning members are present on site, and agreement is reached between drivers (this must be verbally agreed with all 3 boat owners before taking to the water), single boat operation may be permitted temporarily. If more than 3 boat owning members are present, single boat operation will NOT be permitted outside of the designated Skiing Times.